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  • Chapra Falls

    kerala waterfalls
    Chapra waterfalls is a small but magnificent waterfalls lies on the left side of the road, 3 Km, from Athirapilly waterfalls on the way to the Vazhachal waterfalls’ Inspection Bungalow. During rainy season, Chapra waterfalls having a slanting height of 63 m and width of 28.3 m presents a beautiful sight.



    Vazhachal Falls

    vazhachal waterfalls
    vazhachal water falls is situated about 5 km from Athirapilly.Vazhachal is the best example of nature’s ability to create beauty from aggression. The area around the falls has over the years become a safe haven for flowers, birds and small animals that perfectly co-exist with their human visitors. A walk to Vazhachal is no less than a stairway to paradise.



    Water-theme parks

    water theame park kerala


    Standing tall in western Athirapally are two majestic theme parks that are bound to bring out the child in you. Silver Storm and Dream World stay true to their names as they transport you to a world of surreal possibilities.



    Thumpurmuzhi Garden

    kerala garden


    In the Thumpurmuzhi Gardens is a man made marvel never seen before. The garden’s creators have skilfully drawn the water from the nearby lake to create a small waterfall. Don’t be fooled by its looks though; the gushing waters are no short of the original.




    kerala lake


    Vachumaram is a virgin lake whose calm waters are only disturbed when frisking deer line up for a drink or a large elephant decides to cool off creating a bustle. Moreover, it’s the perfect spot to hear those little stories nature has to tell you.




    kerala tourisum


    Annakkayam translates to elephant pit. However, there’s much more to do here besides staring in amazement at these gentle giants. You can relax at the crystal clear lake near by, soak your feet in the gurgling streams or simply take a lazy stroll and let nature’s marvels enthrall you.



    Peringalkuth and sholayar Dams

    kerala dams


    Standing tall in one of the many beautiful forests of Athirapally are the Peringalkutu and Sholayar Dams. These dams not only generate precious electricity for the state, they are a testament of human will and technological expertise that prevails in Kerala.


  • By Air
    Nearly by airport is Cochin International airport which is 60 kms away.

    By Rail
    The nearest railway stastion is Chalakkudy (35 Kms). Trissure is the main rail station (65 Kms) where only most of the trains have stops.

    By Road
    Athirappally is connected by a wide network of roads and this place can be reached from anywhere in Kerala and from the neighboring states.