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Weekend trip to Anayadikuthu

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Aanayadikuthu is located in idukki district and near to Thommankuth waterfall.Kerala is covered with natural waterfall and one of the not so explored name, Anayadikuthu Falls is 22 km trek from Thodupuzha.This is the place where the river flows to the rocks. This waterfall is the only place where the waterfall flows from the bottom.There is a stone like elephant, is very interesting.This is the place where the river flows to the rocks.

Anayadikuthu passes through Kambakkanam and Neykuthanal. This waterfall is very shallow and safe.There is a small forest near to waterfall.Advisable to go there before dawn, as the place is in a remote area.

There is a famous saying about this place is once upon a time, elephant herds used to come here to drink water.Especially in summer from the canal, just above the falls.One day, elephant fell off from the waterfalls while having water from the canal.Hence the name Anayadikuthu.

Another one is that two elephants fought at this place and one fell into the waterfall, which eventually gave the name Aanachadikuthu.This name later converted into Anayadikuthu.

Nearby attractions-

Thommankuthu waterfalls
Kattadikadavu Viewpoint
Meenuliyan para

Route – Thodupuzha-Karimannoor-Thomankuthu

When you reach the Thommankuthu post office junction, turn left and move on for another 100 meter and then turn right to the Convent road.Move along the opposite road to the Sister’s Convent. There is a narrow road and only one vehicle can move at a time. Then you will see a two-storied house, this is the landmark . Just a few steps way turn left and walk 100 meter through narrow road. Then turn right and you will see a huge rock, the waterfall lies beyond this rock.

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